Meet Our Directors

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Albertus Johannes (Bertus) Coetzee Director: Chromemax International

Bertus Coetzee has a long history of business in the Steelpoort and Burgersfort area, having lived in Steelpoort for 18 years. There he was engaged in Plant and labour hire to most of the mining companies in the area and through this has cemented strong relationships with various prominent figures in the mining industry.

Large scale property development in Steelpoort and Burgersfort was also part of Bertus’ business ventures and in excess of 80 of these properties are still being rented from him by the big mining companies in the area, again ensuring his footprint and business presence in the area.

Through his company Batcor Plant Hire, Bertus became an active contractor to the chrome ore mining sector both in Steelpoort and on the Western Limb, and has been intimately involved in the mining, crushing and beneficiation of Chrome ore.

He did the opencast mining of chrome ore for Sinosteel Dhilokong mine for a period of two years, and managed the mining of the Langpan Chrome mine in Thabazimbi. His company Kopanong was also responsible as a contractor for the maintenance of the ferrochrome furnaces at Samancor Tubatse Ferrochrome and CMI Lydenburg (now part of Glencore) and ASA Metals.

The trading of various grades of Chrome ore was a natural progression from his involvement with the chrome mines. Bertus is a shareholder and director of Chromemax International, and is primarily involved with new business development. This includes the acquisition of new mining rights and strategic alliances with suitable business partners, both in South Africa and beyond. He is regarded as an excellent business strategist, and his ability to create new opportunities in and out of the mining sector has been a major contributing factor in the growth of the company and its subsidiaries.

Ryno Coetzee Director: Chromemax International

Ryno has studied Quantity Surveying at the Tswane University of Technology and at the University of Pretoria. Even as a student he exhibited strong entrepreneurial skills, starting various business ventures for extra money.

Having grown up in Steelpoort, for most of his school years, Ryno is a well-known figure in Steelpoort and Burgersfort, and as such has a large base of business connections in the area. His network in the chrome mining arena enabled him to start trading chrome ore very successfully using Batcor Plant Hire as a trading vehicle.

Ryno is a shareholder, and is primarily charged with the day to day running of Chromemax International and the sourcing of chrome ore for the trading side of the business. He has implemented very successful systems for managing all suppliers and subcontractors that form part of the Chromemax International business model.

Most notably Ryno has implemented highly effective risk management systems and sales contracts, which makes Chromemax International one of the best companies in the business as far as quality control of its products are concerned.

Under Ryno’s leadership the business has grown in all areas and has branched out from pure mining and trading into contracting and logistics supply to the mining industry. His skills as an entrepreneur has also brought many new business opportunities into the company like the Steelpoort Chrome Hub and the Silica sand mine in the North-West Province.

Ryno is an excellent negotiator and his lateral thinking abilities have often produced transactions with much higher than expected benefits for all parties involved.

Chris Riaan du Plessis Chief Executive Officer: Chromemax International

Riaan studied a National Diploma in Ceramic Technology at the Technicon Pretoria, followed by NVM700 at the University of Pretoria in Crystal Chemistry and Thermodynamics. He started his career in 1993 at Iscor Pretoria works as a Refractory Engineer.

In 1994 Riaan was headhunted by Union Fireclay Works as a refractory sales executive. There he progressed rapidly to general manager in 1996 and partially taking over the company in 1999 during the sale of the company to Hernic Premier Refractories. Here Riaan held the post of Marketing Director for the period 2000 to 2003, during the transition period of Hernic Premier Refractories to Vesuvius South Africa.

During his time in the refractory industry Riaan was intimately involved with all the ferroalloys producers in sub Saharan Africa and built lasting relationships. As a function of his responsibilities he gained a vast knowledge of the ferroalloy industry.

Riaan has been involved in the design, construction, commissioning and operations of literally every ferroalloy furnace in sub-Saharan Africa and as far afield as the Philippines and Tasmania.

Some of his notable achievements are being part of the team of 3 engineers that designed Micro Porous and Super Micro Porous carbon in conjunction with ZEW Poland. Riaan also helped design and was the first person in the world to install a fully monolithic polymeric resin bonded cold carbon ramming lining in a ferrochrome furnace in 1995. This material is still considered state of the art today and still used in ferroalloys furnaces worldwide. He was also at the front of developing the use of infrared scanning to determine internal conditions and wear of linings in all types of furnaces and kilns and the first person in South Africa to use finite element analysis to interpret this data.

Due to his high-level network in the world-wide ferroalloys industry, Riaan has been trading in mining commodities since 1996 as a side line business, and full time since 2003 after leaving the corporate life of Vesuvius South Africa. Since then Riaan has built up two notable companies in the mining commodities arena in the form of Fubusol and Chromemax.

He has a wide knowledge of the entire ferroalloy cycle from geology, mining, ore preparation, smelting and marketing. He regularly advises smelters on the necessary ore and furnace balances they need to use and has built a reputation for being able to maximize the value of mining assets and beneficiation processes. Riaan is a shareholder of Chromemax International.

Ezra Thapelo Nkosi Director: Chromemax Geotech

Ezra is a shareholder and director of Chromemax Geotech. Ezra is also the in-house geologist for the Chromemax Group of companies, and has 24 years experience as a geologist. Ezra has worked as a geologist for various companies over the years and as far afield as Peru, Brazil, and most of Africa. He is highly experienced in chrome ore mining in South Africa and has an intimate knowledge of the ore bodies and structures all over the country.

Edmar Marais Director: Trading, Western Limb

Edmar is responsible for the sourcing, logistics and trading of chrome ore from the Western Limb area including warehouse stock management in City Deep

Thys du Plessis Director: Operations, Eastern Limb

Thys is responsible for the operations in the Chromemax International Chrome Hub between Steelpoort and Bugersfort. This includes export logistics and product quality control

Adriaan Coetzee Director: Procurement

Adriaan is responsible for supplier relations at the Chromemax International Chrome Hub in Steelpoort. His duties include managing all suppliers in terms of quality, legality and maintaining a sustained supply of chrome ore to the Hub.